The Latino Alliances primary means of communication with students, staff, facutly and alumni is through our listserv, also know as our Mailing List. All individuals are welcomed to subscribe to our listserv.

FAQ: What is a listserv?
A listserv is similar to a bulletin board. When one sends a message to a listserv, it is copied and sent to everyone who is a subscriber to the listserv.

FAQ: How do I subscribe to the listserv?
Click here and fill out the form. You should receive a welcome message confirming your subscription.

FAQ: How subscribers can update their profiles?
By returning to the signup form. Fill out the form as normal with the email you already subscribed with. You will see a message "Click here to update your profile". You will receive an email with a personalized link to update your profile.

FAQ: How do I get off the listserv?
Send an email message to: and request to remove your email from the list.
Include your name and email that you used to subscribe to our listserv. You will receive a message confirming your de-subscription.